The Shard is officially the tallest building in Western Europe and the whole of the United Kingdom. This Skyscraper in London Bridge, Southwark was evolved in 200 by Renzo Piano and Irvine Sellar. Irvine Sellar owned an office building block and The Shard quickly replaced this land as Sellar wanted a change.

In the process this great building was referred to as the Shard of Glass during planning stages and formally became The Shard as it’s known designation. Being one of the most distinguished buildings on the London skyline, The Shard is the ultimate luxury go to spot for a great view that oversees the entire city.

Apparent, The Shard’s most amazing attributes are that its 310m height, by its a unique structure with sloping glass walls. Not many people know the impressive and important structural engineering tools, technique and practice that form every aspect of the structure, from the foundation to the shard tips.

The development of the building is environment friendly with an outstanding 95% of its construction substances are recycled materials. The Shard comprises some of the most highly-advanced technology into its structure and planning mainly for safety measures and to improve a visitor’s experience.

There are 95 floors in The Shard, 27 are used for offices, 18 floors are part of the Shangri-La hotel, and 13 are used for residents, 3 floors exclusively just for restaurants. The Shard is most defiantly a distinctive and is without a doubt is a luxurious and well-established building. The opulence Shangri-La hotel is the capital’s highest hotel and is an amazing five-star hotel with 202 room and includes magnificent facilitates.

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