Jon Davidson

Divisional Director

I joined Strong Recruitment Group in July 2016 & quickly saw the excitement to be part of a company that was growing & passionate about its work environment and staff. The development of myself & success of Strong Group has made me very proud of the Driving Division today.

Before working at Strong Group, I worked in Retail which then leaded to Recruitment in late 2012. I learnt my trade & developed my skills with a previous employer where I was part of company that grew rapidly. I found that working for Strong Group has only developed my skills & knowledge further.

Strong Group provides a fantastic working environment that I’m confident to say all my colleagues would agree. Sounds cheesy but on the Driving team we do like to work hard–play hard!

In any work I have done in previous employments, I have always put complete heart & passionate behind it. In terms of my personal life, I would say I’m easy going, laid back, almost too laidback…I could be laying down (My partner constantly says that) I enjoy time with Friends & Family, I enjoy a drink.

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