How your career can progress

At Strong Group we encourage all employees to manifest their genuine career goals and work towards it. We will provide any training or resources needed for all our departments to progress. Our CEOs are approachable and open to new ideas to express the different attributes our employees can bring. We are more than just a recruitment agency and are passionate about getting involved with our community, as well as, partnering with other brands and organisations. Below is a clear progression guide map to see how our trainees and beginners can develop within their jobs.

  • It starts here

  • Associate Consultant

    Our associate consultants could be trainees or previous recruiters who may require more experience. This is where we can assist on developing their skills and abilities.

  • Consultant

    Structured monthly plans will be put in place so our consultants achieve their ultimate career goals.

  • Senior Consultant

    Accelerating within their chosen sectors, here our consultants would have already grown a strong database of their own clients.

  • Choose path

  • Choose path

  • Team leader

    This is when our consultants have full control of their sectors and become highly involved within all departments.

    Principle consultant

    Our independent consultants have a well built desk and begin to managing their own specific sectors.

  • Head of division

    Thriving within their sectors our head of divisions are able to rapidly their teams and start to managegrow their own team leaders.

    Senior principle

    Excelling indecently, our seniors are able to bring bigger projects to the business and becoming highly involved with marketing and the companies identity.

  • Divisional director

    With dedication and commitment our management have successfully shown leadership throughout their job. Our divisional directors are able to express other attributes to the company. They are entirely involved with our CEOs, as well as, having full control of their sector making huge business decisions.

    Principle director

    Being devoted and individualistic shows great commitment to the company and their jobs should have allowed them to be completely elaborate with our CEOs. Our principle directors dedicate to growing the business and making huge decisions for the business.

What you can earn



£30,000 - £40,000



£40,000 - £60,000



£60,000 - £100,000