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Pay rate

Our consultants will discuss and work around our client’s needs. An inflexible reasonable salary will be set in stone. Understand, we will not compromise on process in order to secure commission. We listen to the needs of our clients, before sourcing the right candidate for them, with the goal of establishing successful and long-term relationships.


Consultants access inclusive databases of suitable candidates and we use our vast network to search for the perfect employees to match the employers fit. Using our experience and established strategies we ensure only the best recruitment matches are made. With our different techniques we are able to find the right candidates for any staffing requirements you may have.


We train groups of gifted consultants who are experts across our multiple sectors. Our consultants are important because with their key expert knowledge they can make exactly the right decisions around client’s requirements. At Strong Group we believe in creating great relationships with our clients. To ensure this we match our consultants with specific clients depending on their demands and expectations.


Recruitment can be extremely competitive. We stand out mostly because we use various tools and campaigns to collect a wide range of candidates with many skills around the UK to guarantee clients will be filled ASAP. To ensure each job is filled arcuately with the right candidate, every applicant will receive a timely response using our advanced applicant management system.

Reputation &

More than 90% of our current documentation are important referrals or persistent clients that we have supplied excellent service for. We support our local community by sponsorships. free training and partnering with our local groups. This also allows us to build more personal relationships with our partners and solve solutions within that specific industry.

Highly Skilled

We maintain and connect with new clients through reaching their expectations by using extensive, all-around sourcing solutions to find the best talent in the market. We are the first point of contact for engineering professionals seeking employment throughout the UK. With our extensive pool of contacts we can successfully fulfil a wide range of roles.

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