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We execute a distinctive process to ensure all affiliations are fully satisfied and all agreements are met. We start with fully understanding our client’s strategy, objectives and schedules. This approach allows us to create long-lasting relationships with our clients across all sectors.

Our expert consultants strive for trusted relationships by listening to our clients’ needs before sourcing the right candidate to match their specific requirements. We maintain these relationships by sustaining strong communication between all our sectors and keeping our valuable workers busy. How we attain our services and how our client’s identify Strong Group is highly important to us, so we can present the right structure to fulfil their expectations.


I am 100% satisfied with your services because of the high standard of service and quick response to our request. Thank you for always working on our timely schedule. Your staff provided are very profession and I happy with the good standard of people recommended from yourselves. I would highly recommend Strong Group as you have always dealt with our requests in a good manner, great service and great value for money. You provide quick services, amazing respond time and a pleasure to work with.

Gavin Craig
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Strong group facts

  • 44% or Almost ½ of our team has been at Strong Group for 2 years or more
  • Longest client relationship: 8 years
  • 92% of our candidates were fully satisfied with their work placement
  • 98% of employers would recommend us
  • Candidates have we placed 7346
  • 734 clients filled


Commonly a perfect option for short or long term construction contracts where the employment of permanent staff is not an option

Labour is supplied to you at an hourly rate

We take care of payroll, tax, NI etc, so that you don't have to

We invoice you weekly; normal payment terms are 30 days EOM


A Company is only as successful as its employees, and we source only the best in your field.

Have confidence; we have a 99% success rate of getting it right the first time You are protected; a refund scale applies in the unlikely event of the contract end pre-maturely. Our permanent introduction fee is a competitive fee from 10% of your employees first year salary, also we have a 3 month rebate scheme.


Try before you buy!

Hire a candidate on a temporary basis for a minimum of 10 weeks. If/When the placement proves to be successful, proceed to employ on a permanent basis for a discounted introduction fee .

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