Bullring & Grand Central shopping centre opened on the 4th of September 2003. Bullring, Grand Central and LinkStreet partnered to become the go to shopping destination in Birmingham. This luxurious shopping centre has over 240 imaginative and desirable shops to explore, plus a whole host of destinations to enjoy delicious dining.

It accommodates the fourth largest Debenhams and Forever21 department stores, as well as, being one of the only four Selfridges. Bullring & Grand Central shopping centre was the busiest in the United Kingdom in 2004 with more than 36 million visitors.

This beautifully designed shopping centre really stands out in the Birmingham city particularly during the Christmas season. Magnificently lit huge stars hang between both building and are illuminate during the night. Also, large Christmas chrome balls hang on a silver-coloured structure representing a stylish Christmas tree assembled on St Martin’s Square. Another one of its unique elements and a most definite sight to see is its tall bronze sculpture of a running, turning bull created by Laurence Broderick. This has become a very popular photographic structure for its shopping visitors.

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