Harrods is largest department store in Europe and one of the world’s most famous and largest shopping spots. Recognised for its signature green bags, Harrods attracts 15 million customers each year and has 1.1 million square feet (102,193.344 m2) of retail space, seven floors and 330 departments.

Their motto is Omnia Omnibus Ubique – All Things for All People, Everywhere – selling luxury and everyday items for all customers. With great toy departments and high-end shopping, at Harrods you can buy anything from enormous stuffed animals to ancient ornaments. The store is very impressive with Egyptian Halls, Crystal Rooms and beautifully tiled decorated Food Hall.

Well known for its huge light bulbs surrounding around the building and Christmas annual decorations, Harrods has between 11,000-12,000 light bulbs and rumoured to have 300 needing to be replaced every day.  To mark the respect when Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana died in a car crash 1997, the lights were turned off. Dodi Fayed was the son of Mohamed Al-Fayed who owned the store at the time.

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