Selfridges founded by Harry Gordon Selfridge and operated by Selfridges Retail Limited, is a succession of high-end department stores in the United Kingdom. The first store opened on the 15th March 1909 in Oxford Street, in competition with Harrods to be the largest shop in the UK.

The headquarters of Selfridges is the Oxford Street store, however there are only three other Selfridge stores in the UK. The Selfridges store in Trafford Centre (1998), Exchange Square (2002) in Manchester, and in the Bullring in Birmingham (2003).

This store was the most popular location during the 1910 decade, with loads of forms of entertainment which took place in the roof gardens. In 1913 dancer Florence Walton and

Maurice Mouvet performed for 2,000 people at a charity ball on the roof terrace. In the second world war, the Oxford street store was bombed, ruining the rooftop and since then the roof terrace opened only every annual summer.

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