13th August 2019

Erith PSL (Preferred Supplier List)

The Erith Group are one of our greatest clients and have worked with them for over 3 years. Click here to see some more of our clients and some most popular buildings we are working on. We will maintain this relationship by continuing to interpret their goals as they thrive and develop as a company. In other words, being a PSL (Preferred Supplier List) allows us to manage their recruitment solutions, successfully fulfilling their jobs.

The Erith Group is a family run, employee owned trust, founded in 1967 by Tom Darsey. The company’s ethos then, as it is today, is one of quality of service and client satisfaction. They are committed to long term client partnerships, a central feature of which is the provision of a high-quality service for all its clients. They use a multi-disciplined, skill-based approach. The service is tailored to the specifi­c issues and problems of each client. www.erith.com. In conclusion, being on a preferred supplier list allows our clients to identify when are performing effectively and recruitment solutions are methodical. We will sustain putting a steady structure so as suppliers we can provide regular review procedures. Above all, you can contact us today on 020 8763 6122 or info@strong-group.co.uk to find out how we can be your preferred supplier.