13th June 2024

Peabody chooses contractors for £1bn London repair contracts

Peabody Selects Contractors for £1 Billion London Repair Contracts:

Peabody has provisionally chosen five contractors, including Wates and Kier, for £1 billion in maintenance and repair contracts aimed at improving its underperforming services in London. This decision follows a tender launched last year to enhance maintenance services after repeated failures.

The selected contractors—Axis, KBH Building Services, Gilmartins, Kier, and Wates—will manage new regional repair services, supporting local repair teams focused on specific estates and neighborhoods. The contracts will initially run for five years, with possible extensions up to ten years.

In a letter to residents, Peabody’s management emphasized the importance of these changes in providing a localized service, tailored to meet residents’ needs more effectively. The housing association is currently seeking feedback from freeholders, leaseholders, and tenants on these appointments.

In recent findings, the Housing Ombudsman identified severe maladministration at Peabody, ordering compensation for unresolved issues such as damp, mould, and long-standing repairs. This has further underscored the need for the planned overhaul of Peabody’s repair services.

Peabody chooses contractors for £1bn London repair contracts ...

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