13th January 2020

First steps to motivate yourself to work hard

The very fact that you are reading this post, somewhat proves that you aren’t motivated enough to work harder. The reasons can be many but solutions are aplenty. Here are seven tips to motivate yourself to work hard when you don’t feel like it. Let’s go:

1. Find work that interests you

The major reason why you don’t feel like giving hundred percent at work could be not doing something that is fulfilling enough. In a study on employee motivation, it was found that employees are motivated when they do the work that is aligned with their interests and likeability. If that’s the case with you, ask your manager or boss to let you work on an exciting new project. Or, perhaps shift you to a different role at the same company. Finding interesting work and committing to it is a sure-shot way to find motivation at work.

2. Create bite-sized goals

It’s always hard to start a big project, isn’t it? Oftentimes, large tasks and audacious goals dampen our spirits and there’s never really a good time to start. As a result, we lose our excitement about that new project. On the contrary, if you break a big scary goal into a number of smaller ones, it would be less overwhelming and more achievable. As you would make progress and tick those goals off your list, you would get a sense of accomplishment. And, when progress meets achievement, it’s always a beautiful combination and a feeling.

3. Learn a new skill

It’s such a good feeling to wake up and know that you would have something new and exciting to look forward to at work. Many employees often complain not having much to do at work that leads to boredom and makes the entire workplace uninspired. To infuse all new motivation, you can identify a skill that interests you and is relevant to your current job profile, then put this forward to your manager. If it can increase your value as an asset, they might let you go ahead and even fund your training. Isn’t it a great way to add a new skill to your resume and inculcate a learning environment? Either way, it’s a win-win situation for you and the organization.

4. Request feedback from your boss

Different people get motivated by different things. While there are some who are inherently motivated and inspired whereas some need external assistance. Constructive feedback could be an effective motivator, provided it is taken in the right spirit. Knowing if what you’re doing is actually adding value to company’s vision is quite motivating in itself. Take a moment to consult your team leader or supervisor. Ask if you’re lacking in any department or is there any specific skill that you should develop to be a more valuable working professional.

5. Tune into an inspirational playlist

Believe it or not, music can be a powerful force to boost your motivation at work. There’s a connection between music, mind, and motivation. That’s why, people listen to powerful songs while pumping the iron at gym for it results in an increased performance and productivity. Listening to light and positive tunes infuse instant action that could boost your productivity. If you can’t focus or concentrate at work, groove to the tunes of your favorite song and get your butt moving.

6. Celebrate your wins, however small

Appreciation, rewards, and celebrations can have a positive impact on boosting employee engagement and motivation at work. Not being acknowledged or appreciated for your contribution could be a reason for your demotivation as well. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve lost a plum project or just had a professional setback. Focus on your wins and accomplishments. Celebrate them. Now, I don’t mean throwing a lavish party every time you finish a task but little things like ordering pizzas or donuts after a successful completion of a project would definitely boost their morale and motivate them to work harder at work.

7. Surround yourself with motivated people

If you are constantly surrounded by a bunch of nagging people who are either complaining or cribbing about work, there’s no way you would be happy at work. People and things around us tend to have a great impact on deciding our mood. Surround yourself with people who have dreams, goals, and ambitions as their like-mindedness will motivate you to become better and focus on your work.

Not everyday is same or is ever going to be, some would be pleasant and on some days, you would be low on energy. However, by following the above tips, you can infuse to motivate yourself.

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