1st September 2020

How Can a Recruitment Agency Help You Find Jobs

How Can a Recruitment Agency Help You Find Jobs?

Recruitment agencies help you connect with companies who are actively looking for candidates. When you use an experienced recruitment agency like Strong Group having expertise in sectors like construction, civil engineering, demolition, railway, and facade, among others, you stand a chance of quickly getting a job that is great for your career and professional development.

Mostly, large companies, prefer using a recruitment agency as selecting the most suitable candidates from numerous CVs they receive regularly is a tedious task. Also, they usually hire for lots of roles, so they have to focus on other aspects of hiring as well. When these companies contact a recruitment agency, the agency will pick the best candidates from their database and share their CVs for interviews.

Here we mention the benefits of using a recruitment agency to find jobs:

Connect you with companies

Recruitment agencies recruit for a living. This is their profession; hence the way they operate is different than how a job seeker would work. They are aware of the companies that are hiring or expanding their business. There could be times when these job postings are not even public. If you are suitable for these job openings, they can help you connect with respective organisations.

Apply for multiple job openings at once

These agencies are always informed about available positions, which could be many at times. When you are job hunting, you might not know about multiple openings. When you use a recruitment agency, they will consider your profile for all open positions that suit your profile.

Become your guide

Recruiters understand the job roles and also your strengths. They would guide you in making your CV better and stronger so that it fits the role perfectly. They will also guide in acquiring more skills if needed, which will make your profile suitable for a bigger number of positions.

Advertise your talent

A recruiter not just shares your resume with suitable companies, but they also promote your talents and profile with hiring managers. During their interactions, they discuss how and why you would be the right candidate for the job and become a great addition to the team. 

Offer industry insights

Recruitment agencies keep you informed about the industry trends in terms of salary, hard skills, and soft skills, among others. If needed, they will help you widen your job search so that you get the job you deserve.

Create the perfect resume

The resume experts at the recruitment agency will offer you tips on writing an effective resume, assist you in highlighting and showcasing your talents and experience so that it attracts hiring managers’ attention.

Enhance your skillset

Your recruiter will find any significant gaps in your skills and guide you through enrolling in training courses to overcome these gaps. These courses can be used to advertise your abilities in your resume. This step can also help you negotiate for a higher salary.

Offer interview coaching

The recruitment agency will prepare you for the interview with tips and guidance. They might also practice with you by conducting mock interviews. This will also help you judge yourself and improve wherever necessary. This exercise is known to boost the confidence of many candidates.

Offer trial period

Many recruitment agencies offer different types of employment, such as temporary staffing, temp-to-hire, or contract basis. With these options, candidates can work at a company for a limited period which gives them a better understanding of whether they want to commit there for the long-term or not.

Using a recruitment agency will make job hunting faster and also increases your chances of matching with the most suitable job. We, at Strong Group, would love to help you get your dream job sooner. Call us at +4420 8763 6122 or send an email at info@strong-group.co.uk, mentioning all your requirements. We would get in touch with you in 48 hours and help you in your job hunting process.