20th May 2020

How recruiters are stepping up in tough times and what you should do accordingly

How recruiters are stepping up in tough times and what you should do accordingly

We live in challenging times, but we are resilient. During this uncertain period of time, recruiters are gradually stepping up because they are very well-calibrated. Now the question is: What should you do accordingly?

    1. Are you irreplaceable in the workplace?
      Many people have lost their jobs in tough times. But some skilled people are still employed now. Further analysis conducted by many a job agency will show that these high-value individuals are actually irreplaceable in the workplace. Please let me explain.
      Let’s say you are a secretary with average skills. In that case, someone else can easily replace you as long as they are reasonably capable. In contrast, if you are a seasoned specialist with unique knowledge, insights and experience, it’s much harder to find someone else to replace you, right?
      These days recruiters are looking for high-quality individuals who can’t be replaced easily in the workplace.

    1. Do you keep learning and improving yourself?

      In order to become irreplaceable, you have to keep learning and growing. For instance, you can attend online webinars and courses, thereby acquiring more valuable information and gaining more skills. Never underestimate the power of education.

      According to many job agencies, a good place to start is LinkedIn Learning, an online education platform where you can access a wealth of courses about a wide variety of useful skills that you can implement at work. Investing in yourself in difficult times is definitely a good move because when COVID-19 ends, you will start the next chapter of your career as a better version of yourself.

      Since recruiters highly value professional development, you would be well-advised to learn something new each day.

    2. How to future-proof your career:

      Even if you are still employed today, you still need to be aware of the latest trends and technologies because experts from many a recruitment agency state that what’s relevant today might become obsolete tomorrow.

      For example, the higher education industry is a very important sector in English-speaking countries. However, due to COVID-19, universities in English-speaking countries cannot have new international students anymore, and a large number of universities in English-speaking countries rely on significantly higher tuition fees from international students. Consequently, a lot of lecturers have lost their jobs. Nevertheless, some lecturers who have mastered online education skills can easily find teaching jobs on the Internet because there are many online education platforms which hire legitimate educators from English-speaking countries to teach Asian students English on the Internet. Clearly, when someone’s skills are transferrable, it is easier for this person to pivot in the right way and future-proof their career.

      You will hear experts from various recruitment agencies argue that recruiters are looking for candidates whose skills are future-proof in this day and age, so you need to think about how you can take action today.


Last but not least, as a switched-on individual, you should search for recruiters related to your job niche and start communicating and building contacts with recruiters and professionals – at the end of the day, these relationships will be the most valuable resources in the long term in your career.