3rd August 2023

How to Use Strong Group for Recruitment solutions in the UK?

Finding qualified workers to meet project demands can be a daunting task for companies. This is where we as a recruitment agencies step in, bridging the gap between employees and organizations in need of their expertise. In this blog, we will explore the intricacies of the recruitment agency process and shed light on how these agencies efficiently connect clients with candidates.

  1. Understanding Client Requirements: The first step for a recruitment agency is to grasp the specific requirements of their client. By establishing clear communication channels, the agency delves deep into the client’s needs, understanding the skills, experience, and qualifications necessary for successful projects. This thorough understanding allows us to precisely identify the type of workers required, such as architects, engineers, project managers, electricians, van drivers, or plumbers and more.
  2. Sourcing Talent: Once armed with the client’s requirements, we begin our search for suitable candidates. We employ various methods, including traditional job boards, industry networks, and our own extensive databases with over 50,000 candidates. Additionally, agencies often utilize advanced applicant tracking systems to streamline the candidate selection process. These systems help match candidates’ skills and experience with the client’s requirements, ensuring a high level of compatibility.
  3. Candidate Screening and Evaluation: To maintain a high standard of quality, we screen and evaluate potential candidates. This involves conducting interviews, verifying credentials, checking references, and performing background checks. By thoroughly vetting candidates, we can confidently present a shortlist of top-tier workers to our clients. This process saves valuable time for organizations, allowing them to focus on project management while the we handle the initial stages of candidate assessment.
  4. Client-Candidate Matchmaking: We have identified a pool of qualified professionals with over 50,000 candidates. We then proceed to match the most suitable candidates with the client’s requirements. Factors such as skill set, experience, cultural fit, and availability are considered to ensure a successful pairing. We leverage our industry expertise and in-depth knowledge of their candidate pool to make informed recommendations to clients, maximizing the chances of a mutually beneficial match.
  5. Facilitating the Hiring Process and Ongoing Support: The role of a recruitment agency doesn’t end with candidate selection. We provide invaluable support throughout the hiring process. This includes coordinating interviews, negotiating compensation packages, assisting with contract negotiations, and facilitating smooth onboarding. Even after successful placements, agencies remain engaged, conducting performance reviews and gathering feedback to ensure client satisfaction. Likewise, they stay connected with candidates, providing career guidance, training opportunities, and future job prospects.

Our Numbers Speak For Us

  • 200 candidates placed this month
  • 1851 new candidates added to our database
  • 10682 candidates placed
  • 92% candidate satisfaction
  • 136 workers placed last week
  • 10+ years long client relationships
  • 220 CVs sent this month

How to Find Jobs Using Our Platform?

Method 1

Similarly some special jobs require experience in a certain area of interest. So to attract the right people you need a well-written job post that clarifies all specifics of a job. This is especially important when you’re looking for some specialists and not the generalists.

Method 2

  • To look for available jobs, go to our Jobs page.
  • Use these filters – keyword, sector, area, and type to find the jobs based on your criteria.
  • You will be shown with results according to the information you have put. You can go through jobs and their descriptions and apply to the ones that seem apt to you. 

You can always contact us by ringing at +4420 8763 6122 or sending an email at info@strong-group.co.uk, mentioning all your requirements. A team member would get in touch with you in 48 hours to help you with your query. We hope to serve you well and help you get your dream job or candidates.