10th June 2019

Jordan Reynolds

We sponsor one of Britain’s Multi Nation boxers Jordan Reynold. Jordan is a 24 age old boxer bought up in Luton and Jordan Reynold is a ABA Champion, Three Nations Gold medallist GB Champion, 4x MultiNations Champion, 2x NABC Champion. We sponsor Jordan because he is extremely passionate about his relationship with his community and continues to share his inspiration story. We did an interview on Jordan and he says “I didn’t have much growing up and didn’t complete my GCSEs. There were times that I was homeless, my family were struggling, and I could have easily been distracted.” This article is an one on one interview with Jordan as he answered some of our questions.


What is the biggest struggle being a professional boxer?

For me one of my struggles has been separating myself from the crowd. I had to become fully focused on my career without the distractions of my friends. Also the financial side has been very difficult. It could be expensive training sometimes and I will have to pay for training and travelling to west ham for me to become a better boxer. This put a lot of pressure on my family and gaining sponsors by winning national titles has helped overcome this challenge.


What inspires you to be a boxer?

Where I’m from we all grew up rough and tough. What I mean by this is we were living basic and went through a lot of ups and down with our living situation. My family’s life was tough, and I would like to change that. This is what inspires me because I want to ensure that the next generation of my family will not have to go through the struggles I did.


What challenges do you face?

Growing up I know every has their own challenges. I went through some hard times being a teenager going in and out of refuges, but this  motivates me to achieve more. My past has pushed me to work even harder. I try to learn from all my downfalls because when you get knocked down, I believe you will only come back up 10x stronger.


What advice would you share with others?

If you want to work towards something stick at it. People and life situations may drag you down but that is part of the process. Practice makes perfect and I am not the best boxer but I’ve always worked the hardest. I always say hard work beats talent and if you work hard, you will achieve.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will be 29 fighting for world titles hoping to be world champion.