1st September 2020

Need for Recruitment Agencies During COVID-19

Need for Recruitment Agencies During COVID-19

Recruitment agencies are a bridge between organisations who are looking for candidates and candidates who are looking for better career opportunities. These agencies have expertise in a specific employment sector that helps both the organisation and candidates. Especially during COVID-19 times, many jobs have been impacted negatively, which has increased the number of candidates looking for jobs. Thus, it becomes vital for companies to use an expert during the hiring so that they receive suitable candidates.

The recruitment process needs a great deal of time and money. Many times HR departments cannot recruit the right candidates with their ongoing work. This impacts their work and the recruitment process. A company should get a recruiting agency on-board as it will save them the hard work required to hire the right candidates. When a company does so, it can focus on growing the business and maintaining good relations with its existing employees.

Benefits of Hiring a Recruitment Agency

      1. Benefits of Hiring a Recruitment Agency
        You pay an agency when they fill a job and not when they book interviews. This might reduce the number of candidates, but each will be qualified for the role you are offering. An agency understands the department, existing employees and then suggests candidates who would fit well or could be a great addition to the team. A recruitment agency is not just providing you with candidates and also looking to establish a relationship with you which benefits both the parties. They put effort into understanding your requirements, matching them with the candidates in their pool, screening them thoroughly, and then sharing their details with you.
      2. Hire candidates quickly
        A recruitment agency will save your company’s time in two significant ways. Firstly, hiring processes could be time painstaking and long-lasting. A recruitment agency will save your HR department’s time. Secondly, the main task of a recruitment agency is to hire the right candidates. Since this is their profession, they have a database of applicants who are qualified for your company’s open job positions. This reduces the duration of the recruiting process significantly, and you can hire the most suitable candidate much faster. We, Strong Group, have expertise in sectors such as construction, railway, civil engineering, and facade, among others.
      3. Maintain your professional appearance
        Startups or small companies might not have exclusive in-house recruiters. These companies usually do not have experience in finding and hiring the best candidates. In such situations, it is suggested to hire a recruitment agency to get the hiring process done effectively and professionally. An agency will also maintain the professional image that you need to have while interacting with candidates.
      4. Recruit highly-proficient candidates
        Many companies opt to use recruitment agencies as they make the quality of hires better. The most significant advantage of using a recruitment agency is that they are specialised in particular industries or functions and have quick access to highly-proficient candidates.

        Recruitment agencies recruit for living, and this implies that they do not just find great candidates but also ensure that these candidates are a great fit for the position and your company.

      5. Retain your new hires
        One of the most remarkable advantages of recruiting through an agency rather than in-house recruiters is, they provide extra security for new hire retention. All the established and finest recruitment agencies offer guarantee periods. This means that they will guarantee the new hire’s stay at your company for a specific period. If you terminate the new hire or they leave during the guarantee period, the agency will either find a replacement candidate at no additional charge or give you a full refund of the fee charged.
      6. Cost-saving
        When you look for candidates, you usually post advertisements and promote the role across various job boards to reach a larger number of candidates. Using a recruitment agency will save you from the cost of job advertisements as they already have a pool of candidates. Also, the agencies suggest candidates learn field-specific skills that could be helpful to them and the company they will join. This reduces the training cost for the company. Using a recruitment agency can be a win-win situation for you. It will help you focus on your business goals and pay attention to other essential aspects of the business. Choosing the right agency will do the recruitment for you and also, retain them faster and cheaper.