12th August 2020

Strong Group for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment for the Rail Industry

Strong Group for Talent Acquisition and Recruitment for the Rail Industry

With no shortage of talent in the rail industry, you will find many candidates for a job role posting. However, finding the right kind of talent within the required time is what organisations look for. We have a better understanding of the pain points when it comes to hiring candidates for rail jobs, and this gives us superior and relevant insights in assisting our clients in the rail industry.

We are a robust, spirited and progressive team offering practical solutions and catering to the individual demands of all our clients. Aiming to be your preferred railway recruitment partner, we continuously train our employees to handle different types of situations in the rail industry skilfully.

Decoding Clients and Their Needs

At Strong Group, we take customised approaches to understand every client’s requirements and follow set methods to meet all the needs. After receiving the client’s brief, we thoroughly go through it. Our team members make notes of valuable information and add their inputs. Then, we schedule a meeting to understand our client’s strategy, objectives, and schedules and discuss the possible solutions. This process is repeated until our client hires the candidate. 

With strong and effective communication, our team members are continuously in contact with our clients, comprehending our clients during all stages. The team is always striving to find the most suitable and competitive candidate for the client and keeps updating the client during the entire process.


Our hard work is reflected in the appreciation and testimonials that we receive from our clients. Our clients’ portfolio has expanded mostly through referrals and word-of-mouth. Many clients who use our recruitment services in the rail industry recommend our other sectors as well, such as Construction, Mechanical, and Interiors, among others.

Strong Group Facts

  • 44% or almost half of our team has been at Strong Group for two years or more
  • Our longest client relationship is of eight years
  • 92% of our candidates are fully satisfied with their work placement
  • 98% of employers would recommend us
  • Number of candidates placed – 7346
  • Number of clients served – 734

Temporary Recruitment Option

This is a superb option apt for short of long term construction contracts were hiring permanent employees is not suitable. 

In this arrangement:

  • You receive labour at an hourly rate.
  • We handle payroll, tax, and NI, among others.
  • We share invoices every week and the standard payment terms are 30 days.

Permanent Staff Option

We take pride in our 99% success rate in placing the right candidate for the first time.

Our arrangement with you:

  • You are always protected as in the unlikely event of the contract ending prematurely, and we will refund you based on the terms and conditions.
  • Our introduction fee is a competitive fee from 10% of your employee’s first year’s salary.
  • We have a 3-months rebate scheme.

We Specialise in Rail Recruitment

Our strong network in the railway sector helps us provide diverse roles to candidates with various skills. We collaborate efficiently with both candidates and clients across different job verticals such as design, planning, commercial, project engineering, HSQE/Site, and project management.

We offer projects majorly in the following:
  • Station refurbishment
  • Track renewal and enhancement
  • Line Side civil work
  • Civil framework agreement
  • S&T, E&P, M&E enhancement projects
  • Construction

We offer the following railway roles:

  • Roughing
  • Cabling
  • Slab Layers
  • Track Renewals
  • Electrical

When it comes to finding perfect candidates in the rail industry in the UK, you can count on us. You can call us at +4420 8763 6122 or send an email at info@strong-group.co.uk, mentioning all your requirements. We would understand them and get in touch with you within 48 hours.