25th April 2023

Strong Group HGV Driving Training

All you need to know about getting your HGV lorry licence


At Strong Group we have launched a training scheme to help up skill our existing drivers and candidates looking to expand their careers to achieve a fully-fledged HGV lorry licence. Our dedicated driving and warehouse team will be in touch to help you get started with your HGV training and our experienced instructors deliver fun and informative HGV training with great results.


Our HGV Class 2 & Class 1 licence training enables HGV drivers to drive the full range of commercial vehicles, allowing you to take advantage of the tens of thousands of jobs that exist across the UK.


How it works:

1. Sign up & enrol

Enrol one of our courses and we will match you with one of our experienced instructors covering Kent, Swindon, Exeter, Darlington, Leconfield, and Newark. Once you sign up, we do all the paperwork and help you to get ready for your HGV theory and practical tests.

2. Complete your course

We will discuss your experience and career progression so you are accessible to all courses and training opportunities. This can involve moving to larger vehicle categories – for example, from Category C (Class 2) to Category C+E (Class 1).

3. Get your licence

Receive your licence start training – once we find the right job to match your location and skills, we hope to find you the perfect match.

4. Start work

It’s time to shine and have full control of your career. Apply, start working with us and we will find the perfect job within your chosen area to suit your skills. We have a wide-range of jobs to get you started either it’s trunking, multidrop, class 1 & 2 and much more.


More than ever is the ideal time to complete your HGV training and gain your licence, with the demand for HGV drivers in the UK growing at a rapid rate because of the emphasis on the national driver shortage.


The demand for HGV drivers has helped in a dramatic increase in the salary ranges for HGV drivers, with many companies offering higher pay, fewer working hours, bonuses and incentives to entice new drivers. We created this HGV driving licence training programme at a fraction of the commercial cost, offering a CAT C to CAT C+E course at 30% of the cost.


As you can see, they’re highly skilled professionals who have a demanding yet rewarding career. If you’re interested in becoming an HGV driver then we can help you achieve your career ambitions, contact us today on driving@strongrg.co.uk or click here to sign up .