21st September 2020

Top 10 Skills Required by All Professional Drivers

Top 10 Skills Required by All Professional Drivers

Driving requires lots of rules and regulations to be followed. Employers look for drivers who are not just great with their driving skills but are committed to the role and want to excel in their driving career. At Strong Group, we have a dedicated professional driving and warehouse recruitment department. The designated consultants in this department know the driving sector and also understand the nuances of the role.

We aim to help the drivers get suitable jobs and also offer them beneficial resources that they can use to stay updated with the recent transport, driving, warehouse, and industry news. With a solid record in placing candidates for driver roles, our clients stay in touch with us regarding their regular driver and warehouse jobs.

We offer the following roles and many more:

HIAB Driver, HGV Class 1 and 2 Drivers, ADR, PCV, 7.5 Tonne, 3.5 Tonne, Forklift, Van

Porters and Warehouse Operations, Transport/Warehouse Manager, and Supervisors.

According to our driving recruitment specialists, here are the top skills that every driver needs to have a successful career in driving.

      1. Exceptional knowledge of traffic laws and regulations
        This is obvious, but it is essential that professional drivers must know and follow all the regulations of the road. They should always stay updated with new road regulations and laws.
      2. Understanding of motor vehicle functionality
        Drivers should understand the basics of their vehicle’s functionality, be it a car, van, truck, or lorry. This will enable them to use all the equipment in the vehicle. If needed, they should be able to handle small repair work.
      3. Great professional driving skills
        Again an obvious point, but drivers need to have exceptional driving skills. This ensures their safety, the success of the project they are carrying on, and the safety of others on the road.
      4. Familiarity with vehicle maintenance
        Drivers should be familiar with vehicle maintenance and able to execute any related task to make sure it is safe to drive. They should know simple things such as topping up the water in the engine, making sure that lights work, and examining oil levels.
      5. Expert in driving heavy and light vehicles
        Many employers these days prefer drivers that are skilled in driving both light and heavy vehicles. This allows drivers to be flexible in the projects they choose and companies can also save costs in hiring an additional driver. However, all drivers are not required to specialise in driving all kinds of vehicles.
      6. Capable of working under high pressure
        Drivers should be able to concentrate on driving, working under pressure, and focus on what needs to be done in an emergency, if required. These demanding situations could include driving on rugged roads, in difficult weather, and through heavy traffic, working on strict timelines, and mindfully acting if an accident takes place.
      7. Customer service
        Drivers need to be polite and have good communication skills. It is essential as they need to interact regularly with the project team and also the employer’s customers. Their good customer servicing skills will make them more preferable for the job.
      8. Time management skills
        Drivers are sometimes needed to work on hectic deadlines, and hence they should know how to make most of the time. They should also take necessary breaks that they need to under drivers’ hours’ regulations.
      9. Work alone effectively
        A driver is always on the road, away from his team and family. They should be okay with the isolation and willing to work alone. They should be comfortable in their own company and carry on the one-person show effectively.
      10. Physical strength
        A driver spends long hours driving while sitting in the driver’s seat. Sometimes they also assist in unloading and re-loading goods from the vehicle they are driving. This demands them to be physically healthy.There are many jobs for drivers available on our website. You can also go through our recent projects to know more about these jobs. You can check out the job openings and choose a position that fits your requirements, or you can speak to our recruitment team to assist you with your job requirements.