6th June 2019

Top tips to totally smash your interview

First let’s start with well done! You may not have the job (yet) but the fact that you have reached so far in the Recruitment process is a success. All you now need to do now is prepare and prove you are the best candidate for the position and smash your interview.

Before we get stuck in with the top 5 points to totally smash your interview. The interviewer wants to know your skills and experiences, so you need to summarize these to the interviewer, highlighting the key skills you have, that are required for the job.

The tips and tricks within this article will allow you to be efficiently successful during your interview to highlight your personality and prove to the employer, that you are the right candidate for the job:

  1. The right Body Language.

Walk in with chin up, outdoor clothing off and a gentle smile. You never know who is walking around the building or in that area. Be aware that anyone around the location could be your potential manager, director, decision maker or even your interviewer. Your attitude, tone of voice and energy will be taken into consideration; you want to come across as a positive and practical person.

Showing your enthusiasm for the job is key. Expressing that you are keen, passionate and motivated for the job is of utmost importance.

  1. Research you should have prepared

Knowing what a company does is one thing, understanding a company’s values, goals and their community is another. Watch out for any highlights of the company ie events, charities and or sponsorships.  These are points that you can share at the interview and how you can play an active role in the future. Highlighting these points and demonstrating your extra research will enhance your chances.

  1. Questions you will be asked.

Think and prepare of the questions you could be asked in relation 1,337 250, 550, to the position. You can click here to read the blog & find out what the most frequently asked questions by an interviewer. They are the most commonly asked questions in an Interview. You should try and familiarize these types of questions, to ensure you do not appear nervous or hesitate during the Interview.

Remember to relax and think of it as a conversation, not an Interview. Not only do they want to see if you have the right skills, but the right personality and how you come across matters too.

  1. Prepare yourself and don’t rush.

Preparation is extremely important. The night before you want to get a good night sleep, set out your attire, check location and travelling times for your big day. The best way to mentally prepare for an interview is having a nice healthy breakfast. Before your interview drink loads of water and possibly eat chocolate or anything sweet to make sure your energy is up, and brain is ticking. Research says that sweet things can assist your brain as a mental/memory booster.

Take a notepad to make notes and boost confidence but remember not to act too confident. There is nothing worse than walking in an interview looking cocky, stumbling, forgetting your main points, speaking fast and getting a dry mouth – absolute fail. But using these tips you are bound to smash your interview.

  1. Appearance and attire.

It is important that you are dressed appropriately for the interview. Smart, formal and a professional look is extremely important.